August 26, 2008

The Half Blood Prince

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter. I really love it. I have read the books and now I'm excited to see the movie on the big screen. I'd surely gonna watch it.

Harry Potter 6 - The Half Blood Prince : Watch it here: Harry Potter 6

Can't wait to see it..

Harry Potter, i love!!! super (heheh)

August 11, 2008

In a Rush

I'm quite busy with a lot of stuffs - most especially looking for a job - a stable and better job. With that I haven't able to post a thing on this site for a long time, and it really sadden me a lot. I miss writing and doing blog hopping.. I know I'll have my time for that again soon. For the meantime, I'll leave you guys with this one. One of my favorites :

August 09, 2008

Celebrants this August

Just wanna greet some special people who are celebrating their Birthdays this month.

Happy Birthday Guys!!! Lets celebrate.. Just text me where and when (ehemm)!

Aug 9 – Lorie; Ate Dang
Aug 16 – Mama Old
Aug 19 - Marjon
Aug 22 – Jieley
Aug 23 – Mg
Aug 24 - Khristine

August 08, 2008

A month of searching

It's been almost a month of searching... Hopping and praying that I'll find one.. I guess that's really a part of life, where one's patience and faith is being tested.

I know whatever happens, I will always be Okay and able to surpass whatever circumstances I may face.
This is a time where I really have to think and make a decision that will make or break my future.

And its really a difficult thing to do. *sighs*

August 02, 2008

Want some drink?

I spend my weekends with my Tita and Tito's house. Eating and sleeping is what we do. Food and drinks is our buddy + a dose of sleep + chit - chats = a great weekend.