February 28, 2008

Bad Day

What a bad day!!! sad

* My tummy still hurts
* Headache (maybe because I don't have my glasses, I left it at home)
* Things turned out not the way I expected it..

I really feel bad at this moment.. If only I could scream, forget all this things and pretend that "things" never happened..

Oh well, I think that's part of life.. either good or bad..

Wish I'll have a better day tomorrow..

February 27, 2008

Love Tarot

I'm busy with work, but I took time to take the Love Tarot test that Glady send me. Here's the result.

COMMUNICATION - The Empress THE EMPRESS AND COMMUNICATION: You have an ability that very few people have. You know how to express what you feel, you have persuasive power and for that reason you'll exert an important influence on people. You are sensitive; you are willing to listen and help with whatever you can. Channel this gift, write a book. It will be a success!

THE PARTNER - Temperance TEMPERANCE AND THE PARTNER: This is an excellent period for you. A balance between sex appeal and a spiritual correspondence will enrich and strengthen your relationship with your partner, making it stable and lasting. Communication, commitment and cooperation are important. Don't forget that you are now like a team. Everything will be possible if you both make an effort.

LOVE - The Fool THE FOOL AND LOVE: You're full of energy. Enjoy every minute and don't try to be ahead of the circumstances for fear of being wasting the future. You'll probably find love. You loving somebody means that someone has the right to love you. Let him do that.

THE PRESENT - Judgement JUDGMENT: Devote some time to yourself and discover who you are. Give up everything that is not necessary to achieve happiness. This is about leaving behind the frivolities and banalities of your life. You have to find the path that will help you find a place where you feel comfortable and happy. You'll have to make an effort to be able to do better but you can do it.!

DREAMS - The Magician THE MAGICIAN AND DREAMS: Dreams and reality mingle, confusing you, making you have one of the best times ever. Enjoy as much as you can this situation but remember that some day you'll wake up and those experiences that you've lived will be learning experiences that will strengthen you.

FRIENDSHIP - The World THE WORLD AND FRIENDSHIP: A new cycle begins and all those friends who have not grown as you will be left behind. Don't be sorry for that; it is the best thing that could happen. In the end, you'll see that what remains is the best. New friends that will cause you happiness will appear.

SEX - The Devil THE DEVIL AND SEX: Undoubtedly, this will be a favorable period to improve your most intimate loving relationships. It's very likely that your sexual activity will increase not only with your partner but also with a lover. There are high chances that people you find irresistible will SHOW up and they’ll make you live an experience of excessive pleasure. Even though you may enjoy this, it can bring about problems that could damage your future love life.

What can I say? Well, some things are quite true, but then again its only a test.. smile Anyways, you might want to try it.. hehehe

February 26, 2008

Tummy Hurts

I'm not feeling well.. cry My tummy really hurts. All I want is to lie on my bed and have a rest. Too bad I'm working right now. I drink some meds, it won't help.. I really don't know what to do. It feels really bad, that I want to cry..cry

I wish I know a spell to ease this pain.. (hehe, as if).

Anyways, I have to get back to work.

February 24, 2008


What a busy day! I'll be babysitting baby Liam. At first I was afraid to carry him ( I might do it the wrong way) Thank God, I got it right. I really enjoy watching him sleep on my arms, though he's quite heavy.. hehe

February 23, 2008


I'm a bit upset, sad, lonely.. you name it... :(

Ask me why? I really don't know..

February 21, 2008

Rainy Days

It's been raining for almost a week now... sad

February 20, 2008

Promise Messages

Today, Glady girl gave me some chocolates. Chocolate lover as I am, I hurriedly open and tried it. Really tastes good - dark chocolate, it is! smile yummy!

The wrapper contains different beautiful messages... Here are some of those promise messages:

arrow Happiness is sharing chocolate with a friend.
arrow Take a moment to appreciate the brilliance of Autumn colors.
arrow Sit in your vineyard and watch the leaves fall.
arrow Make the most of an Indian Summer day

Chocolates really brighten my day, and having read this messages is a bonus..

Some more chocolates, please.. lollollol

February 19, 2008

At last..

Thank God the flight wasn't canceled yesterday.. Finally we've got to see Liam. biggrin He's really cute.

Hope I can post some pics soon.. smile

February 18, 2008

New Baby

Everyone in the family is excited in welcoming the newest member - Paolo Liam.

Liam is two months old now. I only saw him on pics a few days after he was born. He's really cute. That's why I'm really excited to see him in person. My cousins said he looks like him..(well, let's wait and see).

Anyways, just want to extend my best wishes to proud parents cousin PJ and Love. Oh by the way belated happy birthday Love. Hope to see you soon. Miss you guys..

I'll be uploading pics soon..

February 15, 2008

Heart's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to all! Lovers, loveless, whatever... hehehe

Well, how did I celebrate this day? As usual nothing really special happened.. *sighs* I went to work. Greeted my friends through sms and email.

After work my colleagues and I went to Ces boarding house, to celebrate Seth Jarred's first month birthday. The food was really good, too bad I can't eat well (because of my braces ).

I guess, it doesn't matter if you have a "significant other" to celebrate this day. What's important is that you share every occasion with those whom you love and loves you.. (naks!)

Till next valentine's day.. smile

February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day!

Feb 14, everyone seems to be excited on this day.. Its Valentine's Day! Flowers, chocolates, dinner for two, gifts, etc.. are some of the things comes to mind..

Well, as for me, its really just another ordinary day.. hehe.. Maybe because I don't have any "special someone" to spend the day with.. (haha..) I'll be working as usual. After work - maybe stroll at the mall and have some dinner together with friends..

February 02, 2008


February is the Love Month.. During this month, lots of my family members and friends celebrates their birthdays.. This blog posts is dedicated to them.. :)

Feb 1 - Aunt Edith
Feb 4 - Love (my cousin's wife) ; Jonah
Feb 6 - Hanna (my college friend)
Feb 9 - Aunt Susan
Feb 11 - Nikki
Feb 12 - Josh (my cousin :) )
Feb 14 - Grandpa ; Elaine (my college friend)

Happy birthday guys! Love you all.. God Bless..

Sorry, I don't have gifts but I guess this greetings would do.. hehe.. (kuripot ko noh..)

February 01, 2008

Barbecue is Missing

What a tiresome day!

* Start of the new project (additional task)
* Researching new article sites for the said special project and at the same time site registration
* Evaluation (thanks to Glady girl for helping me compute (oh, how I hate numbers, hehe)
* Weekly and Month-end reports (checking and monitoring of urls, etc)

After work, Gladz and I were thinking of what to eat for dinner. Then we both decided to have some barbecue..

*** to be continued ( back at work)