October 21, 2007

My Birthday!

It's my birthday!!!!

October 11, 2007

Not much...

I don't have much to share... I'm really tired and want to sleep.. hehe..

My good friend Jayne is celebrating her birthday! :) Happy birthday sis! Miss you and hope to see you soon..

Work mode again.. *sigh*

October 10, 2007

A fine Day

Yesterday was a good day! :) I've finished my task ahead of time (actually, not much work to do, hehe). Net surfing, checking mails, friendster, etc..

I've chatted with my friends. Anne, quite busy with her work, showed me some pictures of his son (cute baby, mana sa mommy! :) ). I also talked to MG, really hope to see him soon. Some of my high school friends will be coming home on Christmas, I'm sure there would be lots of "gimmiks" and Food trip - is on our top list (hehe).

After work, Glady and I went to Quick & Hearty, to attend a meeting on our newly found "sideline" ( some kinda business minded, kuno! hehe). My roommates Miriam and Celine was also in attendance. Gladz, Miriam and I got some souviners. :) Too bad Celine got nothing. (Well, teacher needs to review, hehe). Afterwards, we went to Chick'n, have our dinner. Well, its a sort of advance birthday celeb.

October 02, 2007

New Month - October!!

Oct 1 is Belle's birthday! (my sis best friend). Her plan was to celebrate it with us, but due to some reasons, the plan was canceled. But she promised to surprise us soon. ( I really don't know when she's coming, but so excited to see this gal, hehe..)

It was also Tin's first day of work. Well, finally, after long talk and some chit-chat, we're able to convinced her to accept the job. Well, its not really the job that she's looking... :( but at least she'll have something to do while waiting for her dream job (hehe), besides, she needs to save up for our trip (oops, too bad, I may not able to join them).


Few days to go, 19 days to go to be exact - I'll be celebrating my birthday! Whew! Time flies so fast... Well, I don't have any plans yet.. Where and how.. Any suggestions? hehe.. Anyways, I'm accepting gifts as early as now.. hehe :)